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تکنیک‌های مدلاسیون پیشرفته در سیستم‌های نوری همدوس

دکتر محسن نادرطهرانی

MOHSEN NADER TEHRANI receivedhis B.S. and M.Sc. degrees from Isfahan University of Technology,Iran, in 2006 and 2009, respectively, and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Waterloo, Canada, in 2013, all in electrical engineering. He was postdoctoral fellow in the Coding and Signal Transmission laboratory at the University of Waterloo from 2013 to 2014 working on full-duplex wirelss communication systems. He is currently senior DSP engineer in Huawei, R&D center, Ottawa, working on system algorithm design for high baud rate optical communication systems such a 100Gbps, 200Gbps, 400Gbps and higher baud rates.

تکنیک‌های مدلاسیون پیشرفته در سیستم‌های نوری همدوس
مسئول برگزاری: حامد نریمانی
محل: سالن اجتماعات دانشکده برق و کامپیوتر / تاریخ: 1395-12-01 / زمان: 2:00 بعدازظهر

 The recently developed digital coherent receiver enables us to employ a variety of spectrally efficient modulation formats such as M-ary phase-shift keying and quadrature-amplitude modulation. Moreover, in the digital domain, we can equalize all linear transmission impairments such as group-velocity dispersion and polarization-mode dispersion of transmission fibers, because coherent detection preserves the phase information of the optical signal. In this talk, we will review the history of research and development related to coherent optical communications and describes the principle of coherent detection. In addition, we discuss about the advanced modulation techniques for the coherent optical system such as probabilistic and geometric shaping, faster than Nyquist and coded modulation. Also, we will talk about practical challenges and some possible solutions for coherent optical communication systems.

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