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Recent Developments in Cloud/Edge Technologies for Next Generation Mobile Connectivity

Dr. Keivan Navaie

Keivan Navaie received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2004. He is currently with the School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK. His research interests lie in the field of wireless communications, smart cities, mobile computing, networking and green communications. He also works on wireless communication technologies including radio resource allocation for wireless communication systems, dynamic spectrum allocation, cognitive radio networks and cooperative communications. Dr. Navaie is a member of the editorial board of the IEEE Communications Letters and IEEE Communications Survey and Tutorials. He has published more than 120 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and conference papers and his works received more than 1800 citations. Dr. Navaie is a Fellow of IET, Senior Member of the IEEE, and a Chartered Engineer in the UK. 

Recent Developments in Cloud/Edge Technologies for Next Generation Mobile Connectivity
مسئول برگزاری: محمد حسین منشئی
محل: سالن سمینار ۳- دانشکده مهندسی برق و کامپیوتر / تاریخ: ۱۳۹۶-۱۰-۰۴ / زمان: ۱۲:۳۰ ب.ظ

In this tutorial, we review recent developments in the integration of emerging cloud/edge computing technology into the next generation communications systems. As a use case we then introduce concepts and methods for providing spectrum-access-as-a-service (SaaS) to coexisting wireless systems utilizing the same radio spectrum each with different connectivity requirements. We then present a multi-objective optimization framework to investigate the fundamental performance bounds in a fully dynamic SaaS system. Various system architectures based on full/partial virtualisation are then investigated and their performances are compared. We then look at the SaaS as a digital ecosystem and an innovation framework where we discuss its horizontal scalability and self-organization behaviour as well as its resiliency, robustness, utility, and pricing. SaaS-based techniques are then discussed for providing connectivity to mission critical autonomous objects such as autonomous vehicles and robots. Applications of data science and machine learning in future planning of such systems are also explained. We then present several use-cases followed by conclusions and discuss ions on the challenges and open problems in service oriented provisioning of radio spectrum.

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