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About Us

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) has welcomed the most talented students from throughout the country, for more than four decades.   Having continuously flourished in education and research, the department now offers both graduate and undergraduate programs in all the branches of ECE.


The students graduating from our department have had a high success rate in pursuing their career as professional engineers in the national and provincial industry, as industrial managers, or as faculty members of other universities. From the international perspective, our graduates have also found their way into many successful companies in the worldwide industry and into prestigious universities as faculty members or researchers, which has made a great international reputation for our department.


Our first goal in the ECE department is to train creative, innovative and hard-working students who could develop the skills they need for the future. Towards this aim, in addition to the required courses, we offer hands-on-experience in 40 educational laboratories, and research opportunities in more than 30 research labs.


Our department has now 70 faculty members, more than 1200 undergraduate students, and about 600 graduate students, in diverse fields of Electrical Engineering (Control, Power, Electronics, Communications, and Biomedical Engineering) and Computer Engineering (Software and Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Secure Computing, and Computer Networks).


We have also been offering national and international postdoctoral positions, in joint programs with the National Elites Foundation, and Iran National Science Foundation (INSF), which has been a great opportunity for fresh Ph.D. graduates to expand their research while evaluating the options for their future career.


We are also honored that our alumni have founded and developed successful research centers at IUT such as the APA center, Avionics Research Center, and the Center of Information Technology, which have been by our side in our collaborations with the industry.

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